Color realism artist Torsten Malm working on a tattoo at Studio Malm during an interactive tattoo workshop

Studio Malm hosts numerous internationally known quality artists. Keep an eye on our social media pages, we will announce the news there. Collaborations of many artists working on the same project also take place every now and then. You can also contact us to ask for upcoming artists or ask for a specific artist you like – we might be able to arrange that appointment for you. Don’t be afraid to ask.☺


There are no upcoming artists at the moment. 


Igor Mitrenga (@im_tattoo)

Michael Stade (@mikestatuering)

Goran Micic (@goranmicic_mg)

All tattoos we’re done in collaboration with Kätlin & Torsten Malm

Timur Lysenko (@timur_lysenko)

Izabela Emert (@izabelaemert)