Profile photo of Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist Rednosedolphin

Rednosedolphin (Tauno Ostra) is an Estonian minimalism artist turned into tattoo artist. He studied art at Tallinn University (BA) and Estonian Academy of Arts (Graphic art, MA). Before the turn into the art of tattooing he had various solo & group shows (including Tallinn 5th International Drawing Triennial; Estonian artists’ Spring Exhibition in 2016, Baltic Drawing Triennial etc) all over Estonia and also in the United Kingdom, Finland & Italy.

Rednosedolphin considers art as playing God. It’s creating something from just a hint of light. Always chasing the perfect creation and learning from previous ones.

Rednosedolphin adapted to the Neo-Traditional style of tattooing with a main emphasis on composition and contrast. He considers the designing process as the most valuable part of the tattoo to get the best results – The process of tattooing is where he hands over the work done beforehand.

Most of his work is in colour but he welcomes grayscale projects as well to break “the rainbow routine” – as he likes to say.