What are you looking to get tattooed?

Maybe you have a theme for the tattoo – i.e. a specific movie, nature, some animal etc. Or you would like to see some elements incorporated in the design.

Let us know what you’re looking to get done, and our artists will combine your ideas with their color realism or neo traditional style to make an amazing design.


Where would you the tattoo to be placed?

The placement of the tattoo is as important as the theme of the tattoo. So that our artists could assess the size & the condition of the area correctly, we ask for photos of skin from every client.

To assess the skin correctly, we recommend holding a blank white paper next to your body while taking the photos. It also helps if you take the photos in natural daylight or in a well lit area, so the area is seen clearly.


Is the idea possible?

We will check your ideas & photos, and get back yo you with our artists’ vision within a few days.


When will you see the design?

Our artists don’t send the final design before the appointment. The final design will be revealed before the artist starts with the tattooing process. We have used this method for a longer period, and all clients have been more than happy with the revealed design.


When can you book an appointment?

If our artists’ vision & price estimate work with the your expectations, then we start looking for suitable appointment dates. We book a maximum of 3 months in advance to leave room for unexpected travels and force majeure.


Where do you need to write to get started?

The easiest option would be filling the client form HERE, then you can be absolutely sure that we will have all necessary information.

Another option would be sending us a direct email to, or contacting us via Facebook or Instagram.

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