We wanted to bring the people at Studio Malm closer to you, so we started a short blog series called “Closer Look”. We interview people – resident artists, guest artists and many more – that make Studio Malm the amazing place it is! 🙂

First we’re going to introduce Kätlin Malm to you. She is the co-founder of Studio Malm, and also a resident artist specializing in color realism.

What do you like most about Studio Malm?

It never feels like coming to work. Studio Malm is like a second home for me. I’m always happy to come here. The thought that I get to come here makes me smile! 🙂

What makes you so happy to come to Studio Malm?

The people I get to meet make my days. I love my clients so much because they’re the reason why I get to do what I love most. All of them have such various backgrounds, and have brought so much joy to our studio.

Many people get quite nervous when it comes to getting a tattoo. How do you make it easier for them?

It is very important for me that our clients would feel at home, and that they could be here carefree, enjoy their time AND also get an awesome tattoo in the meantime. We aren’t conservative people, we love to joke around with Torsten, and break the ice the second someone walks in. Then we get to work knowing that the client is happy, and the environment at the studio is also relaxed and easy for everyone.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

I am super grateful for everyone who have been at the studio, and who are planning to come here – let it be a client or a guest artist. You have made our journey so much brighter and happier, and hopefully we get to keep making cool tattoos & meeting new people in the process here at Studio Malm. 🙂

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