We wanted to bring the people at Studio Malm closer to you, so we started a short blog series called “Closer Look”. We interview people – resident artists, guest artists and many more – that make Studio Malm the amazing place it is! 🙂

This time we’re going to introduce the Shop Manager Erika to you. Her face may not show a lot of emotions, but she is the powerhouse of a woman that keeps the machines at Studio Malm oiled and running smoothly.

How did you get interested in tattoos in the first place?

I have always been surrounded by fine art & creating something with my own hands because of my parents. When I was twelve or thirteen, I happened to watch LA Ink on tv, and that was it. Since then I have been loving tattoos. I started learning more about the culture in Estonia and all around the world. Of course, when I started watching the show I immediately told my mom that I’m gonna get a tattoo. She told me to wait 5 more years. So when I turned 18, I got my first one. The fact that I now am a Shop Manager at Studio Malm tattoo shop is not a surprising course of events for me.

How did you end up in the tattoo industry?

By accident really! I was working a mundane 9-to-5 desk job, and it just drained my soul. I decided to take a risk by staying at home for a few months to see what I really want to do and start fresh. Rather than continue in an environment that just wasn’t right for me. One night I was looking what job offers there are, and I stumbled upon an offer by Studio Malm. I had no idea what the job would be like, but I had a gut feeling that this would be the perfect place for me. Now I have been a part of this adorable circus of a family for almost 2 years. 🙂

So you’ve been in the industry for some time already. Has your view of tattoos changed in that time?

I love tattoos even more now! When I started at Studio Malm I just knew what type of tattoos I liked. But now instead of just liking some tattoo, I see the art, passion, inspiration and techniques behind the tattoo itself. I have so much respect for tattoo artists who are always grinding and trying to reach the next level with their work. Not to mention the artists that keep pushing the boundaries both for themselves and the industry itself. I am well aware that I still basically know nothing about tattoos, but I will never stop learning something new.

What is that you do as a Shop Manager? What do you like most about your work?

Whenever someone asks what is it that I do here, I jokingly tell that I’m the musical conductor. Torsten and Kätlin order the symphony, and I conduct. To summarize – I basically do everything but tattoo.

I love my job because it gives me enough freedom to be my own boss, but at the same time I’m a part of a bigger team. No day at Studio Malm is the same as the last. There are always some new ideas or projects going on. I was able to work with Sony Music Baltic and Epic Records to put together & host the Ozzy Osbourne album release party. An event I would have never been able to host if I hadn’t been a part of Studio Malm.

The people here make my job the best there is. I know it sounds repetitive, but Studio Malm is my second home. I hold the people here close to my heart because they are my crazy family, I am so grateful to be a part Studio Malm. The art created here is outstanding to say the least. But I truly believe that the people here make Studio Malm the best tattoo shop there is. 🙂