We wanted to bring the people at Studio Malm closer to you, so we started a short blog series called “Closer Look”. We interview people – resident artists, guest artists and many more – that make Studio Malm the amazing place it is! 🙂

This time we’re going to introduce Torsten Malm to you. He is the other co-founder of Studio Malm, and also a resident artist specializing in color realism.

What do you like most about Studio Malm?

Honestly it feels like home. The energy and atmosphere are amazing, I love being at Studio Malm. I couldn’t ask for better clients or people to work with. Also we eat ice cream almost every day so you can’t go wrong with that. 🙂

The working conditions are also noteworthy. We have excellent stations for each artist, ergonomic chairs, superb lighting, a Shop Manager so I could concentrate more on my art – a tattoo artists dream!

What makes you the happiest when working at the studio?

I’d say every day I get to work at Studio Malm is a happy day for me. The best days are when everybody is in a great mood, the energy is high, and I get to work on a really good project – which is almost every day. I also get to work next to my wife Kätlin who is a remarkable color realism tattoo artist.

What future endeavours do you see for Studio Malm?

I would like for Studio Malm to become a creative hub for people to get together at and create. When traveling returns to being semi-normal again, then we would love to host more internationally recognized tattoo artists in different styles than color realism that I and Kätlin do, and neo traditional that Rednosedolphin does. We want to offer our clients a better access to high-quality artists in lettering tattoos, blackwork or linework tattoos, abstract tattoos, you name the style. If possible, we also would like to do more collaboration tattoos with those guest artists as well.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

I want to thank all who show interest in what we do, we are overjoyed and honoured, you keep us going. We will keep working our asses off to make cooler and better tattoos, and keep you guys excited of what’s yet to come.  🙂