With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, we want to remind all our clients that health and hygiene have always been at the highest priority at Studio Malm. 

We want all of our clients to understand that they are safe and can feel comfortable while getting tattooed at our studio. We are taking all measures to minimize all risks. 

All upcoming clients who have traveled to areas mostly affected with the outbreak or are feeling generally unwell (even if it is just a cold), please notify us. We will reschedule your appointment. We will not allow any client or Studio Malm staff member to the studio if they have any symptoms of cold/flu. 

All clients will be asked to wash and disinfect their hands as soon as they arrive at our studio. We advise all of our clients not to bring anyone with them to their appointment. We are a private studio that’s open by appointment only, and only for a very limited number of people. 

We understand this may be a frustrating time, but we want to keep health and hygiene at the highest priority at all times. Nevertheless, we will keep making awesome tattoos. 

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation! 

Keep yourself updated about the COVID-19 outbreak with the help of the World Health Organization HERE.