Yes you read that right – NO MORE TATTOOS… for underage people that is. Of course it doesn’t come as a surprise that tattoo artists don’t tattoo people who are younger than 18 years old. Now the Estonian government will be taking a step forward by making it illegal for tattoo artists to tattoo underage people.

Starting from September 1st 2020 it is illegal to tattoo a minor in Estonia even with a parent’s consent. Tattooing an underage person is illegal in many European countries, for example Sweden and France. In many countries it is allowed to tattoo a minor if their legal guardian has given consent.

We are happy to see this step taken by our government, but we know that it doesn’t put an end to minors getting tattoos at once. Nevertheless it is a great reason for tattoo artists to decline taking in an underage client, and it also helps to keep the tattoo scene in Estonia cleaner & more regulated.

A big percentage of tattoo artists in Estonia, including Studio Malm’s artists Kätlin Malm, Torsten Malm and Rednosedolphin, have not agreed to tattoo any minors even before the law was conducted by the government. Some artists in the industry have also agreed to tattooing if the parent has given consent.

If a tattoo artist is found guilty of tattooing a person younger than 18 years old then the fine will be a maximum of 800€, if the artist is a private person. If the artist is a legal person, then the fine will be a maximum of 80 000€.

The law will come into effect from September 1st 2020. 


You can find the updated version of this blog post here – Updated: No More Tattoos.