The day has arrived – Studio Malm has merch! 

We have two unisex cuts with three different custom designs done by our tattoo artits.

The Flower Lisa is Kätlin’s twist on the infamous Mona Lisa painting. The Frostbite features Torsten’s tattoo machine in a wintery theme. And of course we have the Studio Malm logo. All shirts are available for sale for 25€ at Studio Malm tattoo shop*.

Check the options below! 🙂

Flower Lisa Unisex I
Studio Malm Unisex I
Frostbite Unisex I
Flower Lisa Unisex II
Studio Malm Unisex II
Frostbite Unisex II

*If it isn’t possible for you to visit our studio to purchase a shirt, please contact We would be more than happy to help you get your hands on the new merch! 🙂