Kätlin was born in Rakvere, Estonia in 1987. She speaks fluent Estonian, Finnish, and English. She has lived in Finland for 13 years, and returned to Estonia in 2017. She has always been interested in different forms of art, especially how an artist can draw photorealistic images. Kätlin has been perfecting her drawing and painting skills for years. She says that it is a never-ending road, you always have to learn more to keep the best level possible. She started getting more into the idea of tattooing and color realism as a tattooing style in 2014 when her boyfriend Torsten (now husband) suggested to try it.

Kätlin loves working as a tattoo artist. The best part according to her is that there’s no routine: every day there are new opportunities, and new people to meet and tattoo. She loves when her clients trust her completely as an artist, then she feels right at home, and like the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the tattoos. She loves working on bigger projects, because the client becomes like a part of the Studio Malm family, spending a lot of time together. She sees the process of tattooing as a therapy session for both the client and the tattoo artist.

Kätlin wants to grow as an artist, since learning keeps her fresh and helps to improve her skills constantly. The tattoo community is bigger than ever and Kätlin has a lot of colleagues to learn from, with whom she can share knowledge. She loves coming to work to Studio Malm because it doesn’t feel like work. She has built this place from the very grounds with her husband Torsten Malm. Kätlin feels relaxed and happy at the studio since the vibe here is carefree and cozy. If someone at Studio Malm can feel any bad vibes, then we will immediately clean the aura of the studio. #hocuspocus