Our artists enjoy doing great tattoos by themselves. But when the opportunity comes, they also love working on collaboration tattoos. Kätlin and Torsten have worked on various tattoos together. They have also worked with other artists like Moriel “Mori” Seror, Adrian Ciercoles and Goran Micic.

We had a quick talk with Kätlin and Torsten about collaboration tattoos, what tattoos they have done so far, and why do they like doing collabs.

Why do you like doing collaboration tattoos?

T: I like doing them because it is possible do to bigger & crazier pieces in a shorter amount of time. You can also learn a lot during the process. You get to see how the other artist thinks, how they approach the design, and what techniques they use. It helps me to develop, and become an even better artist.

K: I LOVE working on collab tattoos. There’s so much more opportunities to do a really unique piece by combining different artists’ ideas and styles. Every artist has their own approach, and together we can combine those ideas into something remarkable.

Would you rather do more collabs or individual work?

T: I would definitely like to do more collabs, they’re always a lot of fun because there’s more freedom for creativity for the artist. But I also truly enjoy having good individual projects as well. The key is to find the right balance between individual projects and bigger collaborations.

K: Collab tattoos are like a rare dessert you get to eat every once in a while. If you would get to eat the dessert every day, then it would lose its charm. I like to do more individual tattoos so I could develop my realistic tattoo style so when I would have the chance to do a collaboration with other artists, I would have more to contribute to the design. Like Torsten said – the key is to find the right balance. 🙂

You have done a lot of amazing collabs with various artists! What would you say is the key to a great collab tattoo?

T: First and foremost – the team of artists! We need to work as a team not as a group of individuals, there needs to be mutual respect. And second – the client needs to be mentally strong because getting a collaborative tattoo isn’t an easy task. I would say designing is the toughest task before the actual tattooing process. It is difficult to find a path that everybody likes. When we have done a collaboration tattoo, then each team member puts together a separate design. Then we come together, discuss each design, see what we like, and combine it to a big piece. That has worked the best & we have come up with cool designs I’m really proud of.

K: It all starts with teamwork. We need to suppress our individual egos, respect each other and give each team member a voice. When we brainstorm ideas how to make the tattoo the best possible it could be, then together we come up with ideas that I would’ve never thought of when designing a tattoo by myself. Doing a collaboration tattoo develops an artists’ way of thinking and designing, we teach each other new ways and have fun in the process.

Do you have a collab design in mind that you would really like to work on?

T: I have a lot of designs in mind that I would love to do. But there are various factors that I need to consider. For example, the body area, the client’s gender and personality. It is nearly impossible to fit one design for different people. What might work on one client, might not work on the other. I hope I get to fulfill some of my ideas in the future. 🙂

K: I too have a lot of collaboration tattoo designs I would like to get started on. Any subject or theme could be turned into an exceptional tattoo. Like the clown back piece we did with Torsten, Moriel Seror and Adrian Ciercoles. The client’s wish was to scare kids when he’d remove his shirt on a beach, and we gave him exactly that. If we get to work on a bigger area with a lot of creative freedom and an amazing team, then that is just a clear path to a super collaboration tattoo.

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