The Studio Malm team would like to thank everyone who participated or helped us to make this workshop as cool as it was. This workshop wouldn’t have been half as awesome as it was without you. 

Over the course of 5 days Torsten Malm taught the participants about the basics on how to become a master of color realism. All from tattoo techniques, color theory and composition to communicating with clientele and proper hygiene. 

“The way the workshop was built was amazing. They way Torsten let us go deep into theory, and did an interactive Q&A at the same time was perfect,” Marco Rapone

One part of the theory was a so called live action lesson – he gave tips and tricks during tattooing a client. Over the two days Torsten showed how to put everything he taught on the first day into practice.  

“I like learning by looking how another artist works on a tattoo. To really see how Torsten did everything from start to finish taught me a lot,” Noemie Ravenna

During the practical part all the participants got to try out all the new knowledge that they had learned over the few days. We were amazed how much everyone had learned, and were able to put in practice. 

“My main goal was to learn better coloring technique. I started crying happy tears when Torsten taught me the right way of color packing. It was a total heureka moment for me, because I was able to put color into the tattoo so easily,” Lotta Ojaver

If you’re interested in participating in the next workshop – let us know! 🙂 

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