The perfect tattoo is a combination of great techniques by the artist, and proper aftercare by the client.

Everyone with tattoos want that their tattoos would stay looking fresh as long as possible. That’s where aftercare comes into play. Our artists – Torsten Malm, Kätlin Malm, and Rednosedolphin – will give their thoughts and insights on aftercare and the importance of it.

Artists always tell how aftercare is an extremely important part of the tattoo process. Why is it so?

Torsten: Aftercare is a crucial, if not one of the biggest parts of the tattoo process. I see the tattoo process in two parts. First the artist does everything in their power that the tattoo would be done technically well. The second part is aftercare that is completely in the hands of the client. Yes, the artist gives their instructions on how to take care of the tattoo during the main healing period. But after that, the client needs to keep maintaining the tattoo as well. We recommend not getting too much direct sunlight on the tattoo, moisturizing and using SPF50 daily. If you want your tattoos to last, then you have to take care of them as well.

Of course every artist has their own routine for aftercare. How did you come up with yours? 

Kätlin: We use Tattoo Armour pads that we actually developed with my husband Torsten Malm, and our friends & tattoo artists Sandra Daukshta and Mihails Neverovs. Before we were using cling film, but we weren’t happy with the healing results. We also tried using medical grade healing products, but surgical wounds are a lot different than tattooed skin, so we still couldn’t be quite as happy with the healing. Tattoo Armour helps to create the perfect conditions for the tattoo to heal by absorbing the excess plasma. It is also incredibly easy to use. When using other aftercare options the tattoo wouldn’t heal nearly as good as one would hope for. Since we started using Tattoo Armour pads, the number of touch ups we have had to do has reduced drastically, and clients are happier because the aftercare process is so much easier than when using other options.

What are the main things in aftercare that every client should know about?

Rednosedolphin: Common sense goes a long way. Keep the tattoo clean, keep it moisturized, and let the skin breathe. Most important is to listen to your artist, they know what they’re talking about. Don’t look for answers from Dr. Internet, cause that will only tell you that you probably have cancer or are dying. If you have any hesitations, contact your artist, and consult with them.  🙂

If you want your tattoos to last, then you have to take care of them as well.