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Studio Malm – Tattoos & Art

Tallinn, Estonia

During a 5 day workshop Kätlin and Torsten Malm will be conducting an interactive tattoo workshop at Studio Malm in Tallinn, Estonia.

There are limited spots available to keep the workshop more personal and tailored to the participants’ needs.

The main goal for us is to create value for you as tattoo artists. We want you to be able to integrate the learned theory with your own style so your work would be able to have the highest possible quality, and you would be able to create a client base that quickly pays back the investment you made in the workshop. 

The workshop will be held in English, and is meant for all tattoo artists who already have experience in tattooing.

In addition, at the end of the workshop every participant will have the chance for a one-on-one discussion about their future goals with Kätlin and Torsten, and plan how to achieve the goals

Cost of the course: non-refundable deposit 1000€ + fee 1350€ paid on spot when the course starts (total 2350€). 


*Following list of topics is not fully disclosed, new topics will be added to the list.

  • Routines & Discipline
  • Hygiene
  • Practice v. Performance
  • Standards
  • Mentality
  • Color Palette
  • Needles
  • Machines
  • Aftercare
  • Composition (flat canvas v. body)
  • Color theory
  • Designing options & methods
  • How to do more work in your own style
  • Workflow
  • Textures (fur, hair, metal etc.)
  • Portraits, skin colors
  • Tattoo techniques

And more…

If you want to participate, please click on the button below:


Lotta Ojaver: “My main goal was to learn better coloring technique. I started crying happy tears when Torsten taught me the right way of color packing. It was a total heureka moment for me, because I was able to put color into the tattoo so easily.”

Marco Rapone: “The way the workshop was built was amazing. They way Torsten let us go deep into theory, and did an interactive Q&A at the same time was perfect.”